Our Origins –

Egalité was founded in 2007 by our family to support a small group of young adults. Over the years we have grown to offer this same level of family based, person centred support to many more people.

Halloween Party 2017

Further Developments

Egalite is owned and run by health and social care professionals. As nurses and social workers who had worked in the health and social care profession for many years, we had a clear vision of the sort of services that work best for those receiving support. Together with a group of dedicated staff and other family members we set about creating the sort of care we would want for our own family.


Almost 14 years later, Egalite provides support to over 80 people each week and employ over 100 local people. We have created an Outstanding  Care service for adults of all ages.

We provide Supported Living services for younger adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and autism

We also support a large group of local people living locally in West Sussex.

We support a wide a range of care needs and have clients of all ages from 18-100 years old.

Enjoying local activities

Looking Forward

Although the past year has been a challenge as we stoically faced impact the Covid-19 virus, and all that came with that; the PPE, the Lockdowns, the restricted contact with loved ones and numerous Government and Public Health guidance. We have continued to look at how we can support the health and emotional wellbeing of our clients. We have always provided support to individuals to access a wide range of educational, work related and social activities in their local community. With the opening of our new offices in Findon Valley we have developed a resource centre for more small scale individual activities.

Although we haven’t been able to run our music sessions or coffee mornings, nor any of our amazing parties, our resource centre has created a Covid-safe environment for people to visit in their ‘bubbles’ to relax and focus on doing things that are enjoyable for themselves and others.


Our Homecare will be expanding to support more local people including not only local young adults but also our older neighbours. We will be bringing all our experience and expertise, whilst maintaining the quality of our care by retaining our minimum hourly call as we do not believe in rushing anyone. We recognise that taking enough time is just as important as the practical care and support given.

Companionship is an important part of our role