We provide accommodation-based support to small groups of younger adults, usually 4-5 people.

This type of support is referred to as Supported Living.

The individuals are tenants of the property and have support to assist with a range of care needs including

Self care and Personal Care

Household assistance

Home healthcare

Community inclusion, Education and work opportunities

Living independently is important to many of the people we support, having a place of their own, learning new skills to help themselves at home, having their own things around them. 

We offer a wide range of flexible, innovative and person centred support arrangements to promote independence and encourage individuals to have choice and control over their own lives.

This ranges from a few hours a week to call in and help, through to intensive packages of support for individuals with complex health and social care needs

At all of the Supported Living services there is provision for overnight support.

Egalite are committed to empowering you to reach your full potential. Whether this is through improving daily living skills, socialising, accessing education or starting work, either voluntary, paid or as work experience.

Everyone’s goals are considered with the same importance and we will work with all involved to help you achieve and celebrate these.